Wednesday, November 3, 2010

For Sale : Fondant Sheeters

If anyone is interested in purchasing a sheeter for rolling fondant just like Buddy, Mauro, Frankie and the rest of the crew at Carlos Bakery please contact me at

The HIGHLIGHTS of our Sheeters:

Greatly reduces labor costs and increases profits.

Increases production of rolled fondant cakes; resulting in higher cake revenues.

Uniform thickness makes rolled fondant up to 30” wide in a matter of seconds.

Eliminates hand rolling of fondant

Keep up with modern and latest cake decorating trends


  1. My daughter had a wedding cake business at one time and rolling out fondant was a torture to watch. She could have used such a machine but would this be worth the expense, and how much is this machine you are selling?

  2. hello mauro'm a big fan of Brazilian cake boss as soon as possible will make a visit carlos bakery love to have you guys on my face

  3. Hi Mauro. Is the sheeter still for sale?

  4. I would very much appreciate purchasing this!! I have been saving since taking in my dying 86 year old parents and quitting my health care job to care for them at home. I am a homemaker and plan on increasing my cake business from home. Thanks Maureen